Photo Dump

Ada rides her scooter around every chance she gets- I can't bring myself to move it outside yet.  Maybe once the weather is nice and we're out more often.
She rides it to dinner, parks it next to her chair, and it stays there until the next morning.  I think this is so adorable. :)

Dax loves to color- he's been favoring his left hand for a few months, but did this entire picture as a righty.  And his fine motor skills seemed to be tad better with that right hand- so we'll see which one he ends up using!  Ada is a righty.

Ada playing dress up.  Silly girl!

Mmmmmmm.....mornings!  Love them.

But don't be fooled- the bliss only lasts a few short minutes.  3 minutes later we're destroying rooms.

Really wanting to put this purple mixer attachment in this outlet-looking-thingy.

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