Photo Dump

Just another random phone photo dump here!

MorMor made Ada and Dax special quilts- this is Ada's, which she actually made several years ago.  
She used all of Ada's old baby blankies for hers.  
She loves this thing- and rarely lets Casey and I borrow it!

This is Dax's that she just finished- it's made from all of his old t-shirts!  
He loves it, and calls it his "MorMor Blank"- it is so soft, warm, snuggly, and COLORFUL!  
I'm obsessed.

Ada took this one.  I just think it's so cute.  She was having a "Circus Parade" and took several photos of her animals on display :)

"Dress Crazy" day at church- she wanted to wear just the Rapunzel dress, but I tried to explain to her that "dressing crazy" meant it had to weird and funky, and tried to force the leopard sweater on her to spice things up.
In the car on the way to church, Ada stated "I am just wearing this sweater for now, Mom.  As soon as I get to church I'm going to take it off.  OK?"
At least she's honest!

I've been taking the lazy mom route the past few weeks at Ada's dance class and letting Dax bring the iPad.  He is just so much to keep up with, keep out of things, keep alive, etc- and it buys me a good 30 minutes of time to watch sister, too.
This is a picture of him watching a video on YouTube he somehow found.  Of a cat.  In the kitchen sink.  Getting a bath.  A 6 minute cat bath.  What happened to "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"?!  Ha!

Trying to start new tutu trends at dance class.
Tutu shawl: Nailed it.

Ada is obsessed with African animals.  This is her picture of Africa- the first picture was the original, and then she added a pink hippo and giraffe that I thought was too cute not to get another picture of!  She did this all on her own- we don't do any "lessons" on stuff like this- she just soaks up any information she can on it!  The obsession began with Lion King. :)

She also did the next few drawings on her own, too.  She loves Africa and Anatomy. :)  She said she learned all of the human body stuff from Blues Clues.

Top left: human heart.
Bottom left: "eye in the dark"- ie: dilated pupil.  (Seriously!)
Right: lungs

Left: baby in my belly
Right: tongue with "bumps to taste food"- taste buds!

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