Dax (and Tate!) at Gymnastics

Mommy braved Dax's gymnastics class with both boys today- MorMor offered to come and sit with Tate while I went in with Dax, but I just thought I'd go all out and give it a shot.  It went great!  I thought I'd add one more thing to my plate in the gym- documenting it.  :)

Dax's favorite part of class today-

Practicing our patience skills while waiting on the dots while the air trac blows up.

Dax LOVES swinging on the bars.

Tate enjoyed the first 15 minutes or so before passing out!

Dax signing his sister up for the summer session of dance class :)

And some videos of the cuteness-

And Dax hanging & dropping from the bars... then saying his famous "SEE IT TOO!" after I take any sort of video or picture of him. :)

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