Dax's New Boots

Dax got some new cowboy boots for his birthday!!! They are hands down his favorite gift. The idea was born while witnessing him wearing his sisters hipster girl boots- they're 3 sizes too big with fringe around the ankles. He was really great about cooperating not wearing them in public, but if we were home, he was wearing them.

So anyway, he got his OWN boots for his 2nd birthday and he loves them even more! I wake up to hearing him tromp around in them upstairs (usually barging in Ada's room)- and find him asleep in them at naptime.

So- with the new baby Dax's only real "regression" has been his discipline to stay in bed for nap and bedtime. And this is what I have found on multiple occasions of him sneaking out of bed lately! The BEST part is watching him attempt to scurry up the stairs when he gets caught. The boots are so high he has trouble bending his knees, and watching him climb their stairs is the funniest thing I've ever seen!

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