Introducing Tate Anders Dowell!

It's a boy!  And he's here!  Tate Anders Dowell was born at 2:23 on March 4, 2013.  Weighing in at 9lbs 1oz and 21 in long- he's absolutely perfect!  We are madly in love.

Here's the long overdue post about his arrival. :)

I went into labor Sunday night- the contractions I'd been having on and off for WEEKS (yes weeks, I'd been swearing I was going into labor and then Tate would move, causing my labor to stall)- finally turned into the real deal.  The contractions were officially painful (no longer just "strong pressure")- but not consistent enough to go into the hospital just yet.  I managed to get some sleep and woke up about 4:30 the next morning.  They were getting more consistent- and went from 15 min apart to 10 min apart to 7 min apart within about 45 min (do the math- that is a FAST progression!)  Steve got here just in time for them to be 3 minutes apart and us to make the 30 minute drive to Katy.  

I stayed surprisingly calm throughout it all- no crying, screaming, or puking (unlike Dax's labor!).  I got my epidural about 8 cm (because I was so scared to push out what could be a 10 lb baby with no drugs!)- Tate was in fact in a weird position at 8 cm, they had me get into a weirder position to correct it, and he popped out literally 6 minutes later!  

Not to brag or anything (ok, I'm bragging), but the nurses said they wish they'd had a video camera to film everything and post to YouTube as the most graceful labor and delivery ever.  
Thank you, thank you very much!  ;)

This is me about to have a contraction right as Casey snapped the picture-

Let's try again-


Most beautiful head and face ever.

9lb 1.3oz 

So alert

He grabbed Casey's finger and inspected it at 3 minutes old...

Back in mommy's arms- where he's stayed for the last 13 days!

Grams and Papa!

Some daddy snuggle time

He didn't sleep much that first night- he was so into learning all about this new place!

MiMi brought Ada and Dax the next day- Dax is topless in these pictures because he immediately barged in, picked up my cup of (cooled) coffee, and dumped it all over himself.  Woops!

"Now YOU kiss Tate, Dax!"

Mommy's tired and Ada's unsure-



In his "Just Born" monthly onesie sticker!

Favorite activity at 43 hours old: yawning.

Getting ready to go home!!!

Loading up in the car-

What is this thing!?

Love him!

MiMi kept the kids for an extra 2 days after we left the hospital- and it was so wonderful to extend the new baby bubble for a little while longer.  
I missed my older crazies so much though, and was so happy to see them!  
This is right when they got home-

And a few videos of my sweet boy and family the first couple days of his life:
Hanging at the hospital in the middle of the night-

Leaving the hospital!

Dax at the hospital-

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Carrie said...

Congratulations Alicia, he is totally adorable! I'm really happy for you.