Ada's New Tee-Ball Season + Naturefest

We loved Ada's early Spring tee-ball team, but I had Tate right around the sign up window, so we missed the opportunity to request a coach.  BUT- the silver lining is her new team is just as awesome, with some GIRLS ON IT!  :)  The girls are all super adorable.  This Saturday was picture day- so I snapped a few pictures myself. :)

Waiting in line for pics-

Goofing off waiting on Daddy to pick us up and drive us to the YMCA for her game :)

My girl in action!

Crouching in the outfield- occasionally ready to catch a ball, more often than not resting.  Ha!

Dax was a little bored...

 Afterwards he scurried back to Bridgeland for Naturefest.  It was awesome!!  So many cool exhibits and shows and programs.  

Some Avian Aerialists, apparently-

Waiting for the "Crocodile Encounter" to begin- so excited!

This was my favorite character walking around that day. :)

The only character Ada was brave enough to ask for a picture with- the Hedgehog.

"So are you a mole or opossum?" -Ada

Brian Staples Primate Show

Since we skipped the camel and pony rides, we let Dax drive the fire truck :)

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