Ada's "Spring Sing"

Ada's preschool put on a little Spring musical for the kids to perform in for their family- they were to dress up as Princesses and Kings and Queens. And Ada rrrreally wanted me to make her a royal horse costume for the event- a request which I declined.

We had not heard a peep about the event (other than the horse costume request) from Ada.  So imagine our surprise when we sit in the audience and watch the kids sing about 5 songs, know the words, and choreography!  Ada had a BLAST, and LOVED the stage.  I could have just eaten her up! 

In case you can't find her, she's the little purple Rapuzel princess on the second row- in the middle of the picture. :)

A close up of her moves- 

And thankfully I was able to catch a bit on film!! :)

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