Dax's First Stitches

Welp, it's happened! Dax's first stitch-worthy injury. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't happened before now considering he is a ball of rowdy energy- the only thing that's spared him is his anomaly coordination. But his catlike reflexes were no match for the slippery bathtub and its hard edges.

I actually wasn't in the bathroom when it happened (mom of the year!), but I am sure he was exiting the tub to sit on the potty- his favorite new trick. I was on my way back to bathtime when I heard the slip, splashes, and loud clunk of 2 VERY hard objects colliding (that'd be his head and the tub edge). I knew instantly when I saw it he'd need stitches- those eyebrow gashes are notorious. I had almost convinced myself he didn't need medical attention because we surprisingly got the bleeding stopped pretty quickly- but everytime I looked at him over the next hour that gaping gash was just staring me in the face!

Luckily Casey was on his way home relatively early yesterday, so he was able to take Dax to the Urgent Care down the street. We were hopeful they could glue the cut with Dermabond, but the doc wasn't comfortable doing it so close to his eye. So 3 stitches it was. Casey said it was really sad- Dax was strapped straight-jacket style on a backboard, and could see Casey's face through the little opening in the paper cover they out over the affected area for stitches- he just cried, stared at Casey the whole time, sucked his paci, and said "I'm scared, Daddy!" for the whole procedure. This mama is glad she didn't have to be there for that. I might've backed out and just taken the scar and infection risk of skipping stitches!

The boys went and had chocolate ice cream afterwards. :) When Dax got home he wanted to take a bath in mommy's bath, brush his teeth with mommy's toothbrush, and sleep in mommy's bed. Sleeping with that wild man is where I drew the line! He did have trouble falling asleep because he was scared to lay down flat :(... I had to hold him upright in my arms until I could lay him on his pillow. So he was a little traumatized from being restrained. If you know Dax, you know that's just about his worst nightmare! Here are some pictures of my brave little man throughout the evening!! Love him so much.

(My favorite pics are the ones of Dax modeling by the car just before leaving with Casey to get his stitches!)

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