Photo Dump!

Been busy lately- mostly playing and exploring and chaos like that!

I took all 3 kids to the zoo solo on Friday, and it went AMAZINGLY. They were total angels, and we will be doing that again before the weather gets too scorching hopefully. They were such sweethearts mommy even took everyone on a train ride on the way back to the car- which I never agree to! The only 2 times I shrieked that day were when Dax threw his sandwich to a flock of birds, then changed his mind and ate it himself; and when I caught Dax delicately balancing on the top of the fence at the giraffe exhibit (I only glanced away for a second I swear!). All in all a success!

I've been trying to keep Dax super occupied and busy and stimulated and exploring and exhausted as much as possible lately- it seems to help with his "Terrible Two"- like behavior. We've gone to parks, gone on walks, played in buckets of shaving cream (huh?), sprayed the water hose around, etc. I have to weigh the following things each morning when deciding what we will do for the day: 1) Do I feel like focusing all of my energy on keeping Dax busy and happy, 2) What do I need to actually accomplish that is vital to life (ie grocery shopping, house chores, feeding children), and 3) Do I want to put Tate in his carseat to do any of the above? It can be mentally taxing :)

I think that's about the extent of our "news" around here lately! Here are some pictures I've taken recently. I finally caught a real Tate smile on camera!

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Taryn said...

I just want to eat that sweet little Tate up!! His smile is so cute!