A Birthday Party at the Aquarium

Ada was invited to her sweet friend Saige's birthday party at the Downtown Aquarium today- and we brought the whole crew! I wouldn't call it a full fledged disaster.... Just a few disastrous episodes. I'll spare you the boring details- but here's a haiku to give you an idea:

Guided tours bore boys,
Ferris wheels stop at the top,
Babes scream for boobs at lunch.

So thankful for several super supportive moms (and even their husbands!) who were so helpful and understanding the entire time. We did actually have a blast- and of course my Ada LOVED IT!

I'm blogging from my phone so I can't caption individual photos- but I'll intro the pics by telling you my faves: Dax banishment to the stroller for the last half of the guided tour, Dax photo-bombing any picture of all the girls together, Dax and Ada holding hands, and Dax's faces in the carousel self portraits. ;)

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