Mother's Day 2013 <3

What an AWESOME Mother's Day with my sweet fam! Here are some pictures :)

Trying to get a decent photo while everyone's in their Sunday best. HA! I love Dax scampering off with my rose he'd given me then snapped in half, me pulling his shirt, Ada's expression & body language, and Tate's screaming. It doesn't get more classic Dowell fam than that!!
My boys working hard to grant mommy's Mother's Day wish- some colorful plants and black mulch in the front yard. 
Maybe if I get IN the hole...
Ada had a blast digging, planting, and watering. Of course! So pretty- 
Tate did decently well! I had to watch from the sidelines about 75% of the time holding the bubbs, but when he was in his chair he was having fun punching and kicking his toys like crazy :)
After we'd gotten the kids to bed (sort of - Tate's in my lap and Dax wouldn't stay in bed)- we are grilled burgers and drank Coronas on the driveway, enjoying our freshly beautified front lawn! (I wish I'd taken a before and after picture- it really looks so great!)
My gift the boys made at Sunday School, so precious!! Ada made me several precious gifts too. Definitely a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!
And I'll leave you with a picture of all 4 generations of my grandma, mom, me, and Ada from several years ago <3

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