Swimming Lessons :)

We had our 3rd weeks of swimming lessons today! It's going so well- we love Fleet First! :)
Jumping in-
Learning to climb out independently on the ledge-
Ada can do it!
Ada working on floating on her back- she's going great!

Dax would probably be able to float if he could grasp the concept of "still" and "relaxed"...

He told me later he doesn't like to float on his back because water gets in his ears. When I showed him these pictures of them at lessons, he kept saying "uh oh! Water in mah ears!"
Dax lives for this- 5 minutes of free play time at the end of class. :)
We WERE planning on going to the park afterwards, but Dax chose to continue hanging on the shower curtains in the dressing room after class- so we lost our park privileges. So we are now sitting in the driveway playing at home- probably having just as much fun! :)

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