Tate - 2 months

OMG, how is that POSSIBLE!?! Time needs to sssllllooowww down. This little boy is such a blessing to us all- he is such a sweet part of our family.

A lot changed in 3 kids- I used to get all hung up on milestones with Ada, accomplishments with Dax, and now I just spend my energy loving the crap out of Tate in the VERY short time that he'll be my baby.
All I can really report for his 2nd month is that he smiles at any face smiling back at him, coos at any voice talking to him, and his squeals are sounding more and more like a giggle. Music to my ears!

Here are the pictures from his 2 month photo shoot- and OF COURSE there are too many priceless expressions to narrow it down to just one! Although my absolute fave is the 2nd to last one- that's what he looks like 24/7. :)

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