Dax had me cracking up today!!

Dax (after hurting his leg): Owie mommy!!! It hurts! Take it off. Take off my leg!!
Me ( walking behind him, he's naked on the way to his bath): Look at that cutie-patootie-tushie!!!
Dax: You like my tushie mama? 
Me: Yes! Love it.
Dax: I like my penis. I like my big penis.
**DISCLAIMER: He knows the anatomically correct term for his genitals, but we NEVER discuss size or extra facts about them. That is an innate boy thing to discuss size.***
Dax (after I've sing every song in my repertoire at bath time): Sing me a different song mommy.
Me: I don't know any more. What do you want a song about?
Dax: Dolphins.
Me: (freestyles a song about dolphins.)
Dax: Sing me another song. 
Me: About what?
Dax: Vacuums.
Me: (freestyles song about vacuums)

And this is him waiting on the garbage truck this morning- his favorite thing ever! 

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