Photo Dump

Photos from the last few days :)

Tee ball is over- what a fun spring!!
Tate craned around watching women's tennis... Or Maria Sharapova.
Headed to a Stella and Dot trunk show! I like how Tate added poop to my shirt to match my necklace ;)
Mimi met me at Katy's trunk show to hang with Tate and Ada!!!
Then we met Katy, Mia, and Ben at the zoo on Monday! It was miserably hot, but so good to see the Schilhabs...
Picnic at the zoo. Why does he always look up to something!? 
Winning!! Dax entertained and sweeping my floors in one.
Sweet brothers-
Ada playing sight word BINGO (I just made it in Word)-mostly for the gummy worms!!!
Lots more to post about but I have to do it on the desktop bc there are videos involved! 

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