Tate's First Time in the Exersaucer (and Dax and Ada's, too!)

I should have put Tate in the Exersaucer, like, 2 months ago.  He's always craving more stimulation, more things to grab, taste, listen to, feel, etc.  I finally pulled the Exersaucer out of hiding and plopped him in it (he's well over 3 months- 4 months next week). I was so excited to get a picture of his sure-to-be-amazingly-thrilled-face.... but he was really quite unimpressed with everything!  I mean, he enjoyed himself (see video!).  But I suppose having the two older siblings he's got kind of has his expectations set high in terms of entertainment. :)

Here is a little video of Tate in the Exersaucer, and Dax being random.

Dax's first time(s) in the Exersaucer- total brothers. Dax was a few weeks younger in these pictures.

Tate actually did this exact thing- pounding on the little bubble covering the springs.  I just didn't get a picture of him doing it.

Here was Ada during her first Exersaucer experience.  Epic faces. :)

 And another of Ada at 4 months, just because.  <3 p="">

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