Piano Camp Recital

Ada's piano camp has come to an end!  I can't remember if I've posted pictures of her throughout the week to the blog- if I haven't I will do that in a separate post in a second. For now I have videos- even better!  

She had a recital the last 15 minutes of class on Friday- and Daddy was able to make it!  They played 2 songs together as a class, and she had 2 solos.  The "Ruff Ruff" song and the "Elephant" song.  We practiced them at home and - BTW- she has a new keyboard! 

Enjoy-  ;)

The class song, "Meow Meow"-

Another class song- showing off their finger dexterity-

Ada's solo #1- "Ruff Ruff"- 
In this one her teacher Ms. Irena hurried her to her seat, and another mom got a big kick out of that... which kind of riled Ada up (you may not be able to tell but I can spot that hyper-grin a mile away!).  Then this total hooligan kid (coincidentally the inappropriat -laugher's son... probably not coincidence) makes a massive ruckus -you can see him in the bottom of the frame- which distracted her, making it even harder than it is normally is for her to keep the beat!  
She kills the Ruff Ruff song at home, just FYI.  :)

Ada's solo #2: "Elephant Song"
In this solo another little girl kept saying "left, right, left, right" the entire song- it was pissing Ada off (again, you may not be able to tell- but watch her give the girl "a look" at 28 seconds in- HA!).  She's not a pro with this song anyway though, so it's not much of a difference than at home!

So, all in all piano camp was enjoyable and a good experience, but it's not time for lessons just yet.  She wasn't crazy about practicing (already??)- so we might let that dream go, or try again in a few years after Kindergarten when her fingers are longer and stronger!  All of those students in piano camp with her had already been in Kinder for a year, and you could tell a HUGE difference in their motor skills.

But- what a CUTIE! :)  Next camp: theatre camp.  She is beside herself excited!  

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