Happy 5th Birthday Ada Grace!!!!

HOW is this precious girl 5 years old!?!??!?!
She is the most amazing, sweet natured, tender hearted, witty, creative, beautiful, hilarious, perfect little girl ever.  And she's ALL MINE!  

Throwback to her first birthday party-

And now heading to her 5th Birthday Party!  
A Karaoke Party fit for a pop star at Sweet and Sassy!  
(I made her shirt- it says "five" with a mic as the "i")
(Yes that's a pig-in-a-blanket necklace she chose to wear to her party)

Blowing out the candles on the cupcakes she help make herself!!

Holy BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!  Mimi and Steve MADE her this Barbie dollhouse bigger than she is!!!  From scratch.  It was wood floors and tile, for Heaven's sake.  Where was Steve when I was 5!?!?!?!?!?  
She got SO MANY amazing presents from family and friends.  This girl is ROTTEN you guys.  

Here are some videos of her party :)
This is a short one- I just love her face at the very end!

I love this video- I love her faces, her dancing, her hand gestures, just HER!  You can really hear her friend Marielle singing RIGHT into the mic, but you can catch a little of Ada's voice now and again! :)

And on her ACTUAL birthday she chose to go to the zoo.  Her very very sweet friend Eli (who wasn't really Sweet and Sassy material, you know) was able to meet up with us at the zoo with his mama where we all had a great time!  I think this was the best birthday ever in the history of the world. :)

This is Ada with the huge gift shop gorilla at 9 mos and 5 years. I feel like they were both yesterday. But only one of them was!!! 

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