Photo Dump

Handsome boy!
 Pulling up.  Yay.
 Crawling through his big orange tunnel-

 Shirtless brothers at dinner!
 Eating his fingers for lunch-
 This one below is the only one I'll overly describe :)  Last night the Texans were playing a late Monday Night Football game- Casey and I stayed up to watch the end of the game and Tate woke up for the 4th quarter (not awesome- we've got some sleeping issues.  Teething?  Hopefully?).  
He and I sat on the couch and literally had an entire conversation made of up different tones, volumes, pitches, whatever else adjective describing sound for a good 10 minutes!  
It was the sweetest thing ever.  He got such a kick out of it- and I think REALLY believed we were discussing something!  
 I love her in her funky kitty cat shirt she wore with a blue lacey skirt and glittery gold knock-off Toms shoes!  My little fashionista :)  She even asked if we could put these big wavy curls in her hair.  
GOD I love her.  And sorry I lied about over-describing only one picture. 

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