Tate 9 months

Oh this kid is beyond precious. Love love love love love love him!!!!!! Here is our 9 month photoshoot. He's getting pretty impossible to catch still and sitting, but I got a couple decent pictures! This month he became interested in animals and noises the make (particularly puppies and monkeys- he tries to mimic them, and sometimes he'll do the puppy unsolicited if he sees one!), will finally sit still for a book (sometimes 2!), claps and dances (dances=bounces), waves hi and bye (with a big straight arm), and gives amazing slobbery wet lustful kisses. You know when he's coming in with a kiss. His eye lids get all heavy and he stares you in the eyes, then he stares at your lips, all while slowly and dramatically drawing closer and closer in. It's so cute! He's such a lover!
He's bouncing and clapping here. The three of us (Ada, Dax, and me) are all behind the camera singing loudly to try to get him to smile. It was counterproductive.

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