Sweet Pa-Tate-ah

Snuggling and playing in the playroom on an icy afternoon- love this cutie!  He's been working on how to blow kisses- here are a few videos  :)

And he called me mama today!  He actually said it the other night when I went to tuck him back in after waking up fussing; but I wasn't sure if I'd heard him correctly so I let it pass- but he DEFINITELY said mama today.  Sitting in his high chair.  Eating his lunch.  Nothing like when a baby says "mama" on purpose for the first (or second- or third-or 100th) time!  So, I decided to take 100 pictures of him to remember exactly what he looked in that moment!  Naked and messy and snotty :)



Want some chewed up cantaloupe, mom?!

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