Stuff my Kids Say

really want to be better about writing the things down the kids say! They keep me laughing 24/7! Here are a few things lately, and I'm planning on going through my Facebook wall soon to get a lot more- that's where I currently post a lot of it!

After we thought Dax had been asleep for an hour, he appears at the top of the stairs.
Dax: mom I need you.
Me: find him in the middle of his bed surrounded with books, his closet door all the way open for maximum light.
Dax: I have a problem. I can't read. 

Ada called Little Ceasars "Little Cheezers"

Tate thinks a duck says "duck duck". And he says turtle "tuh-tuh". So adorable.

Dax goes out in public in dress up clothes a lot.

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