Big Fish

We took Ada swimming last weekend at Grandma and Grandpa Dowell's- and she did AWESOME! She loved the water. We knew she loved bath time... but weren't sure how'd she do in a much cooler, much bigger, much more chlorinated, much different body of water! She splashed her heart out, and kept trying to bend down to explore the water with her mouth (of course). I'm not comfortable with her "going under" this summer, I don't think. Haven't you seen the Oprah with Dr. Oz about "dry drowning!??!!" We are going to wait until next summer to get into heavy duty breath-holding, bubble-blowing, and overall fish-like behavior. As a former swim instructor for the "Guppies" and "Minnows" at Cleburne City Pool, I am excited to teach Ada how to swim- but not yet. For now we will stick with chasing Daddy around trying to splash him. :) Here are some pictures, enjoy!

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McClure Family said...

how fun! my little man loves the pool too!