Last Day of School

Well, Ada and I have survived the year!!! All of the insanity, exhaustion, hard work, long hours, etc have abruptly ended, and summer is here!!! I thought I would be beside myself with excitement, but for so long we have been just surviving day to day- lesson plans (first year teacher=no preexisting plans or ideas), bottles and food, pumping, cleaning my pump, and pumping again, classroom management (barf), dinner, bathing (ha), etc- that apparently I had a ton of stress and emotions bottled up. And they came rushing out in the form of mourning the end of daycare... There are 4 ladies in the infant room at Tigerland Daycare, all of which we love- but 2 of them are extremely special to us. Miss Kim (middle, holding Ada) and Miss Stephanie (left, red hair) love Ada just about as much as we do, so it was extremely difficult leaving them that last day because Ada will be in a new room when we return in the fall. Here is a picture of our beloved Tigerland Infant Room ladies- we love you! (Miss Arlene deserves some credit, too- she's wonderful!!)

However- now we've had a few days to grasp what this 2 month long break will feel like... and we are feeling MUCH better! :)

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yay!! i am so glad you get some time to breathe and spend with ada bug!! thanks for stopping by my blog!

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