Monkeyin' Around

We went to the zoo today!!! It was scalding hot, so lots of the animals were just takin' it easy indoors- but the few we saw brought about lots of squeals, giggles, and curious looks from Ada Bug. A lemur that kept hopping down a branch while making eye contact with the spectators got a big rise out of her. She also was intrigued by the giraffes and elephants.... however, the MOST spellbinding creatures at the zoo were... drumroll please... HUMANS! She could not get enough of babies, toddlers, kids, and teenagers. And then of course, the oversized stuffed animals in the gift shop were a blast, too. She was such a good girl in her stroller, and I love her so so so so much!

Speaking of animals... we went to Gram's last night to dog-sit Murphy while she is away visiting Aunt Mildred in New Mexico (Murph was sent away to see if Ada's allergies improved in his absence.)... and I'm sad to report that the SECOND Ada crawled around on the carpet her eyes started getting red and watery, and she woke up with gunk in them this morning. Poor Ada, but more importantly, poor Murphy! We are still not sure where he will end up- he is so happy at Gram's, but she wasn't exactly in the market for an 80 lb Lab/Boxer mix!!!


Southwest Coupon Clipper said...

Happy 4th of July. Thank you for linking to Southwest Coupon Clipper -
Much Appreciation - Lisa!

McClure Family said...

so much fun! i just put zoo pics up on my blog too!! we love it!!