A Scary Moment

Ada had her 9 month well visit with Dr. Gonzalez today- we love him!! He is such a wonderful pediatrician- I even have his personal cell phone number in case I ever have an urgent question that can't wait for the after hours nurse to call me back. (We had a scary incident with some respiratory crap when Ada was 2 months old- that's when we got the sacred personal contact information!)

All of you that know Ada personally have probably seen that bony ridge in her forehead- apparently that is not just a bony head (which I had just chalked up to genetics- I mean look at her Mom and Dad!). It is called a "prominent metopic ridge" or "prominent metopic suture." I didn't know anything about this when he discussed it with me- so of course I came home and googled it- and wish I never had! I was in a total panic- some babies have this as a result of a premature fusing of the two side bones in their skull. They have to have major head (not brain
) surgery so they can continue growing and developing normally. It's a big, ugly deal....

I called Dr. G and bombarded him with questions. It seems all is well- he is not nervous, she is not exhibiting any of the symptoms of the premature fusion (like small head circumference. Just the opposite with Ada, actually!). She just has a "variance" in her skull. He could not say if it will soften or become more prominent with age- but by 18-24 months their head is basically done forming, so we will know more then. If it does become more prominent, and it is something that will cause problems for her socially (*tear!* Every mom just wants an easy life for their baby!) then there are minor elective things you can have done. But we'd wait until she had an issue with it. And that's all a BIG IF. I might look back on this blog in a few years and snicker at my over-reaction.

And can I just add, that after this minor bump in the road that I've experienced today (no pun intended), how much MORE I respect and am in awe of how certain parents (you know who you are!) do it, with MUCH bigger obstacles in their lives than this. You guys are my HEROES. Seriously. I just said a little prayer for you as I wrote this.

So, to close, I am posting a picture of my cute, bony-headed, baby girl!


Claire's World said...

What a scary moment as a mom!!! We will be praying for you and Ada as she grows!

Brent, Katy and Mia said...

I would have never even noticed this bump on her forehead! Even in the pictures that you posted, I went back to try to see it and I cant!!! She still looks like a supermodel :-) I think you are doing the right thing... wait to see if it poses any real problems for her. There is a very good chance it wont. And freaking out is a MUST as a mom. I don't know one mom who doesn't freak at at least something!
and btw- you are so pretty! I love this picture of you and her!

McClure Family said...

we will be praying for your little sweet ada!! things are so scary as moms so i totally understand your reaction! {{hugs}}