Here is a homemade pizza! From the whole wheat crust (from the breadmaker! Much better than the one I tried this summer, MiMi!), the pizza sauce (a very fabulous way I'm learning to sneak a wide variety and large amounts of vegetables in...for both my husband and my daughter. We're talking carrots, tomatoes, peppers, arugula and/or spinach, onions, garlic, and whatever else I've got laying around!), and the herbs on top are from the garden! (The vegetables were store-bought...but will soon be our own, hopefully!). And last but not least- of course- the sausage and cheese were from the pigs and cows we've been raising in the backyard. (Joking).

It actually turned out really great- sometimes my healthy/homemade experiments aren't quite perfect! :)


Em'lay! said...

YUM! I'm coming over for dinner!

Marilyn said...

Save a place for me, Emily!