Poor Buggin'

My poor baby had a rough day today! It started with the fact that we returned to school today after an AMAZING Spring Break- she wasn't a happy camper to be yanked out of bed to hurriedly get dressed!

Then, she tripped on a big toy at daycare- falling flat on her face and biting her tongue pretty badly. Blood everywhere! Sweet baby girl- Miss Tresa loved on her for a while; but it's not the same as your Mommy!
Then, this afternoon we had gone for a long walk around the neighborhood and stopped to swing at the park. There was another little girl that Ada was dying to get down and play with - and I let her even though she was barefoot. I was standing a few feet away from Ada when I heard her go "bugs!" (She has a small obsession with all bugs- all stemming from my expansive Ladybug collection).
Then a little more worried: "Bugs."
Then: "Owie."
Then: "MOM." (pronounced: mohm)
By the time I got to her ants had overtaken her wittle footsies. She didn't peep one fuss, or shed one tear, and when I said: "I gotcha, baby," she even had the awareness to mimic me and say "gotcha." It broke my heart!
This sweet thing still hasn't complained about her booboos- here's a picture of her poor little foot:


Marilyn said...

oh, that poor baby! but I love the gotcha part!

McClure Family said...

awwww poor bug! hope she gets well soon!