What a Day

Ada turned 18 months today- I can't believe I have a year and a half year old! She dressed suuper cute for school today- white skinny jeans, plaid babydoll tank, a big bow, and gold sandals.... only to contract a nasty stomach flu and throw her mexican casserole up aaaalll over it. She has been throwing up every 20 minutes since 3:45 this afternoon. She finally fell asleep on a towel laid out by our bed- I'm praying she can get a decent night's rest to heal and feel better.

Here's a pathetic picture of us racing around after school to clean her carseat (which she puked ALL over- I finally got it santized and reassembled; and there is only a faint vomit smell remaining...awesome.). Ada kept saying "brrrrr" in between bouts of kneeling in the grass to throw up.

So, Ada, I'm so sad your 3rd half year ended ended like this. I will make it up to you this weekend, Buggy! I will also post about all of the marvelous, fabulous, and adorable things you are doing as an 18 month old soon, too!

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