#1 and #2

We'll talk #2 first- we had Day #2 of Swimming Lessons, and Ada went under water! I realized that these are just "get your feet wet" (literally and figuratively, of course) introductory lessons- that there is no magic wand to teach my 19 month old to hold her breath under water. So, on the "We All Fall DOWN" part of Ring Around The Rosie, I did it. I put her under. She didn't love it, but definitely begged for more ("a-gain! a-gain!") throwing in the air, jumping into the pool, and swinging in circles which now all entail being dunked. So proud of her- and actually pretty proud of myself for going toe-to-toe with my phobia! :) I think, honestly, these swim lessons are just as much for me as they are for Ada... Here are some pictures of her racing up the path to the pool with sheer glee!!!

...and now let's talk #1: Ada went #1 in the big girl potty tonight! She's really not officially potty training yet, she only tells you she's gone to the restroom because she thinks it hilarious to wave her hand at her nose and go "stiiiiiiinky!" when she's gone #2... but our Wal-Mart bill was low this week so I went ahead and got the training potty so we'd have it ready and waiting! She loves sitting on it naked, pretending to wipe and flush, and now, going tinkle in it! I was so proud of her I made her macaroni-and-cheese, chicken nuggets, and baked sweet potato fries for dinner (her absolute favorite meal). I swore I'd never reward her with food.... but this was a special occasion! :) Here are some cute pictures of my pottyin' girl (warning: full frontal ahead)!


Albert Hiroganashi said...

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Alicia said...

Albert Hiroganashi- what I want to know is how you even stumbled upon it. Sounds like it might be YOU that's the pedo. Get a life and quit being such an internet troll!

Poke Release said...

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Poke Release said...

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