So, I'm managing to deter my garden from growing. It is not dying. It is not flourishing. It is not doing much of anything at all. I can't decide if I planted too early, if our shortcut of not scrounging up "5 *different* types of compost" as Mel's Mix demanded (we couldn't find it, OK!?), or all of the loud vibrating yard work that's been going on as of late with the sprinkler system, new grass, and soil being brought in has scared the plants into complete stillness and silence in the hopes they will not be seen... but they are just dormant. And lame. And mocking me with their bland leaves and short stems and wilting blossoms and the occasional miniature fruit. The berry bushes are doing berry well, and the avacado tree that I planted from a seed is almost as tall as my freakin' bell peppers. Whatevs. I've over it. I knew I'd manage to screw it up! I will not post pictures of my runt plants because I'm too embarrassed.

On another pessimistic note- I am not only highly effective at effortlessly murdering gardens, I also have an uncanny ability at looking at appliances and inducing mechanical failure. In the past 4 years we have repaired our old dryer twice, purchased a new dryer, purchased a new washer, and repaired it once. And now, the new washer will be repaired a second time this coming Tuesday. Yes, I occasionally probably overload the washer with that one towel that really should be saved for the next load. But that is just torture for me to leave it lingering in the basket. Cluttering the top of the dryer and collecting mold. So I stuff it in there. And now that turquoise towel with a bleach stain that was stuffed into the washer will remain soaking in cold soapy water for 4 days, waiting on a repairman to come and rescue it. And scold me... Again: whatevs. I will probably never change my efficient yet ultimately inefficient ways.

How 'bout something cute, now. On my evening walk tonight with Ada, this was one of our conversations:
Ada: "Uh oh. My shoe."
Alicia: "Uh oh- you took your shoe off. Do you want it back on?"
Ada: "No."
-3 minutes of silence-
Neighborhood dog: "Woof!"
Ada: "Did you see that dog?" (almost as clear as a bell she asked this!)
Alicia: "Yes! He barked at us!"
Bird in a tree: "Chirp!"
Ada: "I see that bird."
Alicia: "Me too."


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

From the tone of this post, it sounds like you need a vacation! Im thinking... Mexico?!?!? :-)

Knox said...

Don't feel bad about the garden. I was looking at my squash with only half its leaves and thinking that its probably good I wasn't a colonist relying on this crop to survive.

I also really loved your Ada conversation.