Caught a Bug

My poor buggy is sick- and I would have NEVER known it had she not started running a fever at school yesterday. Happy as a lark, playing, eating, and sleeping like a champ with all of the following: coxsackie virus sores all in her mouth and throat (actually caught it from me- and let me tell you it's PAINFUL. But she never peeped about it), upper respiratory infection, sinus infection, and ear infection- inner and swimmer's ear. She never had ear drainage like they're supposed to with tubes, but Dr. Gonzalez couldn't even see in her ear it was so awful. :*( I'm so sad for her, and feel terrible for letting it get so far before taking her in- I had just chalked her runny nose up to allergies. Having a sweet, well mannered kid is usually a plus- except for when they're sick and never complain!

We are staying home from school tomorrow (mostly because coxsackie is so contagious), so we are planning on a good, snuggly day!


Knox said...

Poor bug! Tomorrow is like a sneak preview for the summer (minus the germs). Enjoy it!

Dr. Heckle said...

It's amazing how well they can hide being sick at times. Then when it really hits them it's SO sad. When my two year old gets sick I feel so bad for him!