Happy Birthday Casey

Casey turns 29 tomorrow- so we've been celebrating on and off (along with my Grandma's birthday, too- will blog about later!) all weekend. Here are some pictures- and who knows, maybe the celebration will continue into next weekend! ;)

Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa on Friday night (they left for Dubai on Saturday to begin their house hunt!)
Strolling to the pool hand in hand for some quality time.
Struttin' her stuff around the perimeter.
Jumping in- "Again, PLEEEAAASSE!"
Kickin' and blowin' bubbs.
Chillaxin' in her tube.
An attempt to eat out- this ended very badly. Especially for the bus boy...
Gift #1: I mosaiced (sp?) a clock! We are trying to put things in the backyard that remind us of our awesome past (and future) vacations. This is for Spain and Mexico (in 4 weeks!). We put Cypress trees along the back fence to bring us back to France. :)

Gift #2: still waiting on this one. Casey's wanted one forever! :)

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