Mad Scientists

So, teaching Chemistry, I spend a LOT of time with these people planning, discussing, experimenting, setting our hands on fire, almost setting our faces on fire, eating lunch, acting like idiots, and laughing about it all. I don't have any good team pictures, but this is us at a Retirement party in the library, acting goofy as usual!
This picture is our team in a nutshell. Starting at the right corner on the opposite side of the table: Ashleigh Gaulke (making a goofy face, and probably a goofy noise, as usual); Me (making a sarcastic comment, as usual), Rhonda Burrough (probably thinking about how psychotic her classes are), Amiee Modic (making an even more sarcastic comment than me), and Colleen Dale (KHS Instructional Coach- asking herself how THESE lunatics had such amazing Science TAKS scores!)
Missing: Leslie Stiles and Darla Hall- sad face!!


Marilyn said...

Fun to see you "at work"!!?? Heard about your taks scores. Wow & congrats!

Brent, Katy and Mia said...

I love the face your making here... its the same face you were making when you were telling the story about Ada's mean swim teacher.... hilarious!