Happy Birthday Uncle Jew!

Uncle Drew (my brother), or Jew as Ada used to call him and has begun to stick... turned TWENTY yesterday! I can't believe it. Drew: I'm so proud of you! You've had some major obstacles in your life that you have not only overcome; but come out a bigger, better guy. (I'm sorry, even though you're twenty now, I just can't call you a "man." Probably never will.) Here are some pictures of his family birthday party! (I don't even want to know what his birthday party with his friends looked like...)

First of all, here is a picture of Drew when he's about 6: (wasn't he adorable!? He drove me CRAZY but I still thought he was the cutest kid I'd ever seen.. so that says a lot!)

And here he is today: gettin' too big!

The fam at Oriental Gardens, Drew's favorite restaurant in the entire world. Seriously.

It's Drew's birthday, but of course it was all about Ada! Here she is lovin' on everyone.

(MorMor & Daddy)

(MiMi & Andi)
She entertained herself (and us) for hours playing in the curtains. They were capes. They were blankies for her butterfly. They were veils. They were curtains.

Ada ate only fortune cookies for lunch. Here she is reading one of her six fortunes:
*These pictures were all pirated from MiMi's and Andi's Facebook pages!!! :) I forgot my camera. So.. thanks Girls!*

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