Picnic at the Park

Tuesday mornings are Library Group. Which we LOVE and look forward to all weekend. On our way this morning, however, someone pooped their diaper. A smelly one. And someone else had forgotten that we'd run out of spare diapers in the car emergency kit... oops! So we turned around, went home, changed that certain someone's diaper, and found something else just as fun to do instead!

We packed a lunch, strapped on our pink bike helmet, and rode up to the park for a picnic! There is so much joy to be found in the simple things sometimes- we had a total blast!

There's "chhheeeeeeeezzzzee" on my sandwich!
How irresistable are these thighs and tennies?
"Sliding! Woooooo!"
"Swinging! High!"
We finished the remainder of our sandwich on the ride home- I was just proud of her lasting the 7 minutes she did at the picnic table to eat half of it and scarf her strawberries!

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McClure Family said...

way to think on your feet mama! looks like yall had a great time!