Our Very Own Battle Hero...

If you hadn't already heard- Grandma and PaPa have already relocated to Dubai, and she had her first week of work in her new position in Basra, Iraq last week. Just as things were heating up between the British Military (stationed in and around the Basra International Airport) and the Shiites - perfect timing. We were talking on Skype with them yesterday and the connection was horrible, so I was only able to pick up bits and pieces of the conversation- but there were missiles fired at the main British base recently- but per Grandma, "we don't see quite as much gunfire at the base I'm stationed at..." AWESOME! She still stands by the fact that she's highly protected (she can't even lift the armored vest she has to wear herself!), and has an armed escort along with all of the other precautions they were already taking. But it's just not very comforting knowing she's over there punching numbers and making conference calls with terrorists firing missiles in the area!
British in Basra:

British at the Basra International Airport:

Shiites with RPGs or something scary:
All jokes aside- please keep Grandma in your prayers for obvious reasons, and PaPa in them too, because I'm sure he's missing her and worrying about her every week!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Prayers from this end for sure! How brave! I am such a weenie I wouldnt even consider doing what she is doing!!!! Im impressed!