Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose!

I've been itching to redecorate Ada's room. I LOVE her ladybug stuff- but it's really babyish. So, in order to ease my strong urges to get started... I got started! Ada is so spunky, funky, cute, and creative- I wanted a room that reflects her little personality to a tee. So we're going MOD! I was all set to make her comforter since you can't find much for a toddler girl that isn't Disney themed- until I found this comforter at Wal Mart for only $29!
Granted, it's not toddler bed size- but I'll cut it in half and sew it back together if I have to!
So began my obsessive repurposing. I pretty much dumpster dove in my own house. We are going to buy her a white toddler bed, and just re-use her crib and matching furniture for kid #2 whenever that may be. I've already got some art and wall decor ideas brewing, and can't wait to finish up her new big girl bedroom! Here are some pictures of her "new" mod dresser and art table!

Art Table:

Dresser (there are two imperfections that drive me CRAZY- when I drilled the holes for the drawer pulls on the bottom 2 pink drawers I did it at an angle apparently- so they are a little off centered. But I am refraining from messing with it for fear of screwing it up more!):
More pictures to come as we work on the room! :) I've got a soft deadline of her birthday in mind- to make moving into her new bed an official milestone!


McClure Family said...

great job mama!!

Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Love it! I know where Ada gets her creativity :-)

Claire's World said...

So cute - and that is the exact bedding we ended up buying for Claire's bed!!! Great minds!