Sea World Adventure!

Hello long lost blog! It's been a while- I'm starting to feel better, so I might start posting more soon! (Betcha can't wait!)

So, here's a little background info before I write about our Labor Day weekend: Casey broke a big account at work: yay! And by big, I mean they had about 2 weeks to fill something like 60-something spots at Comcast. So- Ada and I went almost 3 weeks (and weekends) without seeing Casey- booooo! As proud as we were of him- it was REALLY rough on us at home, too. When you are just starting back to school (which is exhausting), being 7, 8, & 9 weeks pregnant (which is MORE exhausting), and being the sole caregiver of a very active toddler (which is the MOST exhausting!)- it was a recipe for fatigue that I am not even going to complain about because you just can't fathom it. Plus I hate complaining and complainers- so I'm leaving it at that. Anywho- Ada was SUCH an angel (and has been since I got pregnany sick- seriously. I never knew how easy an almost 2 year old could be!), and we missed out on a lot of family time- we decided to take advantage of the three day weekend and head to San Antonio or a little Sea World and Riverwalk action! So, here ya go!

Resting up on the drive over to SA:
First stop: the new baby seals!
A lot of the pictures I took are of Ada's expressions- I couldn't get enough of her that day!!!
Feeding the barking sea lion- which was HILARIOUS to Ada!
Waiting (with a sinus and eye infection- the doctor squeezed us in the day before, thank goodness!) for the sea lion show!
"OH WOW!" -Ada, while clapping
Oh my gosh, this picture is SO unflattering- but too funny not to post!
Mommy and Ada and #2:
"Cheeeeze PIZZA!" -Ada
Obligatory Family Shamu picture!
Patiently awaiting the dolphin/beluga whale show "Azul."
Sittin' in the Splash Zone (with a random chicken toy I'd dug out of my bag)!
"Wooooooohhhhh!" -Ada
So tired. So stuffy. But being a trooper and having the time of her life!
Zonked out in between Azul and Shamu....
Still sleeping in line for Shamu.....
Well rested! "He's SWIMMIN'!" -Ada
"Splashin!" -Ada
Entertaining herself in the hotel room. (Hotel Contessa- I've ALWAYS wanted to stay here, and we got a steal on it since we booked it less than 24 hours before.... I guess they needed to fill up some more rooms! It was amazing. It'll be hard to down-grade back to our normal places next time we go!)
Stuffy, smiley girl!
Our favorite Riverwalk restaurant- Casa Rio. Yum!
"Hallo? MiMi?"
Going to sleep in a BIG big girl bed! (Where I slept with her since she kind of sleep walks!)
Ada's first trip to the Alamo- of thousands I'm sure!
Drive home on Sunday- annoyed right now at Mom and Dad's rendition of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy's Spoken." "STOP IT!" -Ada

We had an AMAZING time- I've paying for it in sleep and throwing up since we got home yesterday, but it's all worth it! I'd do it every weekend if we could!!!

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