Random Update

I've been neglecting you, www.thedailydowell.blogspot.com. Life is fine and dandy: I'm feeling loads better, we are all doing fine, work and school are going well. I'm teaching Chemistry still, but got 2 sections of Anatomy & Physiology as well- love the subject, love the class, love having two preps most of the time. I'm also Student Council sponsor this year, which is all good fun, too- I'm just doing the bare minimum with it for now, though.

We are super busy these days, so there are not a lot of fascinating happenings around the Dowell house. (Not like the million posts from this summer were fascinating to anyone else- but you catch my drift!) But there have been some cute pictures here and there that I thought I'd post before I forget about them forever! Here ya go:

Apparently this is how cool kids eat their dinner:

Naked box head!

Ada has been wanting to hold hands to and from school some days- and I looove it! Love this girl!

Playing in a late summer rain storm:
Playing at the mall playground- it's been too hot to do anything outside since July!

Ada is going to be TWO YEARS OLD on Saturday. I cannot believe it!!!! Her birthday party is at the Zoo this year, and I might be more excited than anyone else!!!! We are sending cupcakes to school tomorrow for her mini-celebration there- getting the weekend started early! I'll post a TON of pictures of the festivities very soon, I'm sure!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

The naked box head is TOO MUCH.... I laughed SO HARD when I saw this pic!!!!!!