18 Weeks Preggo

I'm 18 weeks along! And I've already caved and started shopping for Dax already this week- he got 2 polos at Tommy Hilfiger, a pair of little beige boat-shoes, and his nursery bedding!!!

His walls are a shade of green that this set will look really cute with, and I was pretty set on doing Safari animals anyway! :) I'll post pictures of the actual nursery once I get it going. Not like he'll set foot in it until he's almost 1 if he's anything like his sister (who slept in our room in a pac-n-play for 9 months because she wanted to nurse 1,000 times a night-I didn't mind though!)- but it's an American tradition to have it ready beforehand! :)

And here I am- this is actually taken at 17 weeks, but same difference.

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

I LOVE the safari animals! So adorable! I think you should post pics of those boat shoes- they sound so adorable!
And btw- you totally could model for Gap Maternity or any store like that.... you are so stinkin cute!