Another sugar laden Halloween has come and gone! This was Ada's 3rd Halloween-but take a look at her first two before I blog about this one:

Halloween 2008 (5 weeks old):
Halloween 2009 (13 months old):
And here is Halloween 2010! We started the day by carving Ada's second pumpkin of the season:
We roasted the seeds, but I burned them...
Ready to Trick-or-Treat! Jesse from Toy Story 2 and 3:
Into all things spooky and scary- this ghost did nothing but intrigue her:
She would only whisper "tickateat" and then "thank you." Since when did Ada become bashful!?
Chowing down on a sucker on the way back home:
Ada's Jack-o-Lantern window decor:
Our real Jack-o-Lantern from earlier in the day:
Trick-or-treating Daddy:
Then the REAL fun began- giving out our own candy to trick-or-treater passerby! (Ada would fling open the door and yell "TICKATEAT!!!!!!!!!" And then say "Thank you! Thank you!" as she divvied up candy- it was hilarious):
"Tickateaters go!?"
And here's a video of her haunting the neighborhood:

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