Nice Day for Another Zoo Visit

It was basically the same price for Ada's zoo party last weekend to either purchase a membership and get the "member discount" on the party, or throw it as non-members... so obviously we went the annual pass route! The weather this weekend was GLORIOUS, so we packed up again early this morning for our second zoo trip in one week! Here are some cute pictures, and I thankfully remembered my video camera on the carousel ride this time! :)

Zoo entrance: kind of a sugar high from donuts and chocolate milk
Walking around holding Daddy's hand.
Hanging around, watching monkeys.
A lion says "RAWR!"
Loved this large lizard for some reason...
The leopard and panther were the most active animals out today... and the most beautiful!
They actually got into a little tiff while we were standing there- Ada thought it was awesome, I thought it was creepy.
Leftover sunglasses from unclaimed party favor bags! (Obsession of the week.)
Took a train ride! (It was totally lame.)
And OF COURSE we went on the carousel again- Ada just can't get enough of this!
And here is a cute video of Ada riding it!

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Em'lay! said...

That's awesome yall were able to get a membership! I'm SURE yall will get your money's worth! Oh, and I love your little cynical remarks- "Loved the large lizard for some reason....I thought it was creepy...It was totally lame!" HA! That's the Moesha I know!!! Love you!