Baby #2 Update

I'm 14 weeks pregnant- officially into my 2nd trimester! Hallelujah! I'm already feeling 150% better, and am feeling the beginnings of the "endless energy" of this stage in the game. Still exhausted by about 8:30 at night, but doing great during the day!

I went to the doctor last week, and we ended up doing an impromptu ultrasound (one of the many reasons I LLLOOOVVVEE her!)- so here is Baby #2 growing in there at 13 weeks gestation! :) I was convinced it was a girl, until I *thought* I saw a little hint of something between its legs during this sonogram- Dr. Mullin couldn't confirm anything, so I will be bringing her baked goods and bribes at the 16 weeks appointment to do another one so we can determine if it is a BOY or GIRL!!!!!!!

And here I am at 14 weeks (I took this this morning). I am about the size I was at 5 months with Ada, and I am only 3.5 months along- so embarrassing. Oh well, the sooner I can fit into maternity clothes the better, because those suckers are COMFORTABLE! :)


The Reeves Family said...

SO cute. Keep the belly pics coming. LOVE those.

jborgman said...

Your belly is precious. How is your doc by the way? It sounds like you like her alot! No news over here but I have had my doc for a real long time and needless to say...I am shoppin around!

Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Yay for baby #2!!! You are so stinkin cute... and now Im starting to wonder why I ever wanted to be preg at the same time as you!!! You are adorable and I already look like I have two butts- one for my head one for my feet. That doesnt even make sense but you know what I mean. :-)