Thanksgiving 2010

Many things to be thankful for this year! Thankful for my awesome hubs; our sweet, smart, adorable daughter; our healthy boy coming soon; our cozy home; our jobs; for our wonderful family (we love y'all- and miss most of you, too!!); and the life we live every day.

We packed up and drove to Tyler to Pop and Honey's this year for Thanksgiving- and we had a really great time! Here are some pictures-

Trying to get a good picture of Ada with Granddaddy Bill... not working-
Grandaddy Bill with a bunch of grandkids and some significant others-
Ada playing with Aunt Kendall's 15 year old dollhouse with MY baby cousin Kellen-
Ada and Daddy (and Pop) exploring in the "forest"-
Pop and Ada playing on the trampoline- the "jump circle" as Ada has been calling it!
More jump circling-
THEN we went to see the new Disney Rapunzel movie "Tangled" in 3D (it was the only one playing when we got to the theatre)- it was ADORABLE and Ada LOVED IT (and kept her 3D glasses on the entire time)!
She stroked her Rapunzel doll's hair that Pop and Honey gave her the entire movie.
And, she loved it SO MUCH- MiMi took her back 3 days later and she still couldn't get enough of it! We'll be buying that one when it comes out on DVD.....
The Sunday before everyone returned to work and school we went to the Texans vs. Titans football game (which was an awesome game, by the way!) with our friends Brent and Katy Schilhab- we had a blast!
Brent and Casey on the field! (Not really....)
Katy and I look so much alike it's scary (I'm the one in the big coat if you couldnt' tell, ha!). We even dress alike usually (on accident, I promise)- and we are both pregnant with BOYS, due around the same time! So freaky!

We did all of our Christmas decorating in there, too, but I will blog about that next..... there are already too many words and pictures for one post here!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

I dont think I'd wanna watch football with anyone else!! :-) we had a great time! I'm still thinking about that popcorn!
And I must note that Mia has the same flannel shirt that Ada does in these pics! In fact, they were so cute and cheap I bought one in three different colors!!!