The Ags just upset Nebraska- the game was amazing (OK- a little slow- it was a showdown of the defenses), and I sat here on the couch all by myself and hooted and hollered! (Casey got to go, little stinker!)
But this is not why I'm posting at 11:40pm- over 2 hours after my bedtime. I have to copy down a Facebook conversation stemming from my "status update", simply stating "WhOoP!" that has left me laughing out loud, still to myself!
Alicia: "WhOoP!"
Emmy (Huskers fan, met her in Mexico): "I like you, Alicia.... but can you really feel good about that win? That officiating crew has more money in their pockets for the way they called that game."
-FYI: Nebraska got a TON of penalties- and they were SERIOUSLY all well deserved. I paid very close attention to the reasonings because I was going to be really embarrassed if the game had been called in our favor that blatantly!-
Alicia: Absolutely! They were all completely valid. #81 is a douchebag, Bo Pelini is a hot head, and Trent Hunter's (who went to high school at Katy) left foot touched inbounds before his right touched out on his first interception. The only thing I feel bad about is that Martinez's ankle was further injured by his own center!"
Alicia (again): "And I feel really good I can show my hubs my answer to prove to him I watched this game at home- since he got to actually go!"
Emmy: "Is this the first time you have watched football?"
AJ Pitzer: "hahahahahahahahahaha I just saw my old Chemistry teacher say douchebag! LMAO!" (Text slang for "laughing my a$$ off")
Emmy: "By the way, #81 was trying to get Mathis to get his finger out of his a$$, that's why he kicked him. Check your DVR."
Alicia: "OK, let's say that ONE pentalty gets revoked- the other 20 were still totally valid! And AJ, now you know why I make you guys wait until you've graduated before I accept you as Facebook friends!"

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