Weekend Update

Same 'ole, same 'ole for The Dowells- here are some random pictures/updates/words for thought!

This weekend we drove to College Station for Bella Boswell's birthday party at McDonald's. She and her Mom (my good friend Roxy) have had a really rough year, so it was good to see them both and love on them. That's Bella in the green dress, and Ada in the black and white top. I completely forgot to get a shot of Roxy and myself!

MiMi came along, and our next stop was Northside to pick up Uncle Drew for lunch. We went to Cheddar's- and took some family shots by the pretty plants! :) I hadn't had a cute one of Ada and I in a while- not that this one is necessarily cute, but it'll do as my Facebook profile picture for now.

Ada and MiMi:

Ada, MiMi, and Uncle Doo. It has improved from Uncle Jew! :) As you can see, he brings out the mischeif in her!

Even more random, and more old news. I got a new camera! The day of Ada's birthday party I went to charge my old one up, and could not find my charger ANYWHERE. I'm sure I probably either left it in Mexico or San Antonio for our Sea World trip. I was hormonal, and cried, and pretty much acted like my 2 year old. So, I was planning on asking for a new Canon for Christmas anyway- so we went ahead and bought it early (Casey being nice, or Casey in crisis-aversion mode? No one will ever know!)... and I L-O-V-E it!! It's not an SLR, which I thought I'd wanted (the kind you have to change the lenses and flashes on- a professional grade!)- but they were WAY more $$ than I'd expected- so we decided on a fancied-up digital point-and-shoot. Best decision ever- it takes really great pictures, and you can see from the photo below how far out the lens comes for a super close, clear zoom.

And while we're talking technology and frivolous spending, I also got a new memory card for my camera- one because I just physically cannot make myself delete one more picture on the old memory card. And two because this new one is DIGITAL! It is set up to automatically upload pictures to Snapfish (and Facebook, if I want it to) everytime it's within a certain distance to the computer. It's awesome, and proves how lazy I am that I complain about hooking up my camera to a USB via a cord.
I think that is all for now. We are actually switching Ada's schools (and therefore Dax's- who is a wild monkey in my uterus, by the way) starting in January- which took a LOT of courage, faith, and financial decision making (aka- cutting out anything frivolous from our budget to send them to the Harvard of daycares, haha!)- so that is for another post. Love you all!


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

OH goodness that camera- (in the Napoleon Dynamite voice: "I want that...")!!!!!!! Do you mind me asking how much it was? That might make my Christmas List cut :-)

Love that pic of you and ADA! Pretty Dowell ladies!

And I wanna hear more about this daycare switch! Where is it? Ill be praying Ada has a smoooooooooth transition and loves it there. I am sure she will.

jborgman said...

I have this camera!!!! You will not be disappointed!!! :)