One Cute Toot

Ada has done some pretty adorable things lately. Things that make this Terrible 2 nonsense seem like no big deal. (She's really not THAT terrible- but for someone like me who likes order, cleanliness, obedience, and calmness... I'm not necessarily enjoying those little "episodes.") Here are a few things that have melted my heart lately:

-During our night-time prayer the other night, we were thanking God for good things in our day. This is what Ada was thankful for, verbatim: "Sandwiches. MorMor's card. Swingsets. Swingset book (this is a catalogue of swingsets that she can't get enough of- dropping hints for Christmas??). Bikes. Sweet dreams. And Mickey Mouse." Then we name people that we love and love us back- and of course you all make the list! :)

-I asked her what she wanted for dinner tonight. "Tomatoes. Avocados. And Chips." And this is exactly what she scarfed down.

-She has several "sets" of Lovies, that belong together. One set is her Aggie Snowman and Pirate Olivia doll. The other is a trio: a pink puppy, a white lamb, and a small bunny named Bunny Foo Foo (it's actually the Velveteen Rabbit, but I haven't read her this book yet.) And of course Shamu- but he is our car lovey.

-She has tons of books somewhat memorized, and lloooovvvess to pretend she's reading them- especially books about a cat named Nicky, and 2 geese named Gossie and Gertie. She even points to words as she says them (My faves: "Thank you, Nicky!" and "Yes we do!")- which according to our family literacy specialist (MiMi) is impressive! :)

-When we were checking out her new school, she hopped right down, joined a circle, and introduced herself by placing her hand on her chest and saying "ADA!" That's when I knew she'd transition just fine! (We will certainly miss Kash and Chloe, though.)

-She sings along with songs in the car like a pro. Pop songs, Christian songs, country songs- if she hears it once, she knows the beat and parts of the chorus. Her favorites right now are: Amazing (Bruno Mars), DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love (Usher), G-6 (FEM), anything by Rhianna, and most of the Christian songs on KSBJ since they just cycle through the good ones in the morning!

-And I'll leave you with a cute picture of us last weekend before our bike ride, which she shouted "Faster Daddy, Faster!" and "Come on, Momma! Let's go!" the entire time!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Oh I would def. say she is one cute toot! I love her prayer the other night.... made me laugh. She is getting so big Alicia!