1st Plane Ride & An OK Christmas

Grams & PaPa are in from Dubai for a few weeks (more posts on that to come!), so we made a quick trip to Oklahoma to see a lot of Casey's extended family for Christmas. Ada has been into "planes flying in the sky" for a long time, now- and she got to actually FLY in one finally! :) Here are some pictures about Ada's first plane trip and our couple of days in Oklahoma:

As Ada was looking out at all of the planes taxi-ing, our pilot saw her and waved at her from the cockpit-
Then met us when we got on the plane and invited her up! She wouldn't go- similar reaction to Santa. But I got a picture of her peering in!
About to take off!
Ada and Mom on the plane- I had conjunctivitis/pink eye/"skanky eye" as I deemed it:
Checking out the Sky Mall Magazine:
Finally in Oklahoma and at Aunt Marilyn's- making a pallette and watching Christmas cartoons with Casey's cousin's daughters and Grams:
Opening gifts and wearing some of them:
Ada and Hanna:
Family Picture (Rylan, Julie, Hanna, Luis, PaPa, and star of the show Ada):
Grams and PaPa:
Stealing Hanna's headband:
Plane ride back to Houston-
This time with Grams and PaPa sitting behind us!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

I am so glad she did so good on the plane! In all these pictures she looks like such a grown up little girl! Ah!