Aerotek Christmas Party

Casey's company, Aerotek, had their annual Christmas party this Friday- and I usually don't blog about it, but...
Casey won SALESMAN OF THE YEAR this year!! This is actually a super big deal- he won it out of some awesome salesmen out of 2 Houston offices. He works his TAIL off, and deserves it 110%. He goes in early, he works late, he is smart about what he focuses on, and he is just smart in general. And handsome, to boot. :) His boss said some things about him in his speech before announcing the winner that actually made me tear up- I'm so proud of my hubs!

This is him with his award when we got home, after a few beers (LOL!):

And of COURSE Ada and MiMi were hard at work while we were out. They made several art projects, including this homemade Christmas ornament:
And this knit scarf that Ada has not taken off since MiMi finished it Friday night!
*The picture above is of Ada's first plane ride to Oklahoma- which we just returned from. That'll be my next post! This is just a little teaser. :)*

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Congrats Casey! What a stud!